Publications and Patent Applications


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Conference (peer-reviewed):
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Patent Applications:
  • Systems and methods for automated audiences set identification, P. Yang, S. Kirshner, J. Korlimarla, U.S. Patent Application 16/163,294, filed October 17, 2018 (USPTO)
  • Modeling of geospatial location over time, S. Kirshner, A. Gray, L. Kite, U.S. Patent Application 15/254,958, filed September 1, 2016 (USPTO)
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  • System and method for using machine learning to generate a model from audited data, A. Gray, S. Kirshner, U.S. Patent Application 15/065,534, filed March 9, 2016 (USPTO)

Proceedings at Workshops (non-reviewed):
  • Generating similar graphs from spherical features, D. Lunga, S. Kirshner, Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs, MLG 2011, August 2011 (papertech report)
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Unpublished Technical reports:
  • Constructing Additive Trees Monotonic in Selected Sets of Variables, S. Kirshner, June 2015 (tech note)
  • Estimating densities with non-parametric exponential families, L. Yuan, S. Kirshner, R. Givan, June 2012 (tech report)

  • Modeling of multivariate time series using hidden Markov models, 202 pages, March 2005 (PDFps.gz)